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Lockdown Comments

Hi Everybody
As you will see below from Jan you don't always have to walk in the parks.
Judy and I live adjoining the North Loughton Park but found it was too busy with other walkers and JOGGERS! very few had mush idea of social distancing so we abandoned the redways and found alternatives.
We now go along millers way to Stacey Bushes and then double back via Wolverton along Windsor Street, Church Street and Stacey SAvenue.  This brings us to the back of the  Museum - along Southern Way allows us to cross Millers way and into Stacey Bushes.  At the bottom the redway skirts Bradwell abbey and over the A5(D) to Wymbush. Then we touch the corner of Two Mile Ash and into Great Holm and down the main Road to Loughton.  MacIntyre coffee shop has just opened for Take Away! Into Loughton with choices to go to Chaffron Way and back via Morrison's (to pick up fruit and vegetables) and Bradwell Village or loop through Loughton to the church and then past the Badminton Cente to Bradwell.  If we go the opposite way Tesco and Lidl are near the end of the walk  We very rarely meet anayone and it has been lovely with the blossom and now the gardens are coming into flower. Plus all the signs for the NHS in the windows.
Brian  and Judy
Hi everybody, hope you are all keeping well and managing to get out for walks.
The idea of walking in Crownhill does not sound very exciting, but since being restricted to our immediate neighbourhood we have discovered a lovely walk through the trees on the other side of Dansteed Way(H4) Between the road and the new development of Whitehouse there is a very wide expanse of trees with a pathway through. Back in the beginning of lockdown we were treated to the splendour of the cherry blossom. After that came the Bluebells, Campion, Speedwell, two varieties of wild Garlic and Greater Stitchwort (a new one to me) Now it is awash with Cow Parsley. Continuing further west we go through Hazeley Woods and on to the North Buckingham Way. Prior to lockdown we had no idea all this was on our doorstep - so used to getting in the car and going somewhere else for a walk!
It would be lovely to think that our walks could start again soon, but I think any idea of group walking is unfortunately a long way in the future.
Take care and keep safe. All best wishes Jan Fish
Hello Jan
My husband , John Williams( you’ve also E mailed him ) and I have been taking our daily stroll around Caldecote North and South Lakes We have also been via Simpson village on a the walk by the OU
Last Saturday we ventured (in the car )to St Mary’s churchyard at Woburn sands to tidy up The Mountain Ash tree memorial to John’s parents ... and then walked towards Woburn
So it’s all a bit repetitive. But at least WE have walks “ on our doorstep “ and a nice garden

GOING FORWARD reThe (Friday )Trotters
Perhaps if you suggest a walk and then we
Go on it separately at different times / days ) and we “ re- convene” remotely, either by E MAIL or ZOOM or by a WHATSAPP GROUP to say what we liked about it. That way we are all keeping in touch until we can do so in person !

Keep on , keeping safe
Looking forward to see you all ... hopefully in the , not too distant future
Sue and John Williams
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