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Milton Keynes Friday Health Walks


Lockdown Comments

Hello Jan
My husband , John Williams( you’ve also E mailed him ) and I have been taking our daily stroll around Caldecote North and South Lakes We have also been via Simpson village on a the walk by the OU
Last Saturday we ventured (in the car )to St Mary’s churchyard at Woburn sands to tidy up The Mountain Ash tree memorial to John’s parents ... and then walked towards Woburn
So it’s all a bit repetitive. But at least WE have walks “ on our doorstep “ and a nice garden

GOING FORWARD reThe (Friday )Trotters
Perhaps if you suggest a walk and then we
Go on it separately at different times / days ) and we “ re- convene” remotely, either by E MAIL or ZOOM or by a WHATSAPP GROUP to say what we liked about it. That way we are all keeping in touch until we can do so in person !

Keep on , keeping safe
Looking forward to see you all ... hopefully in the , not too distant future
Sue and John Williams
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